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Hi There,


Welcome!! Thank you for visiting. We are a new site and a new company. We hope that you will love our hats and will want to order one or two, or ten for your friends.


About our Hats:


We have several fun and interesting patterns that are fun to collect. If you register on our site, we will let you know when we have new hats and sales.


The hats are easy to take care of. When you wash them, simply hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent, then line-dry your hat.


The hat that you purchase may not look exactly like the photo on the website. This is because many of the fabrics that we use have detailed patterns and are cut in a way that will help ensure that each hat is unique. Every hat is hand made and inspected for quality. Sizing may vary slightly depending on the stretchiness of each of the fabrics. Colors may look different in person than on your computer monitor.


The hats fit great under most helmets, including ski, motorcycle and biking. They are also being worn by people taking chemo-therapy treatments, in fact they make cheerful gifts for your friends. If we are out of a design that you like, please send us an email and we will try to locate one for you. We are also happy to sew a custom hat(s) if you are looking for something specific.


Thank you,

Jill and Abby



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