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Coffee Gopher iPhone App

Greetings Everyone!!


Have you ever had problems remembering your friends and family members' favorite coffee house concocotion? Or your bosses? Well, the Coffee Gopher App is here to help you out. Just download it from iTunes App store and start building profiles for everyone you buy coffee for.


What is a Coffee Gopher? It's someone who picks up coffee and tea drinks for their crew.


Why the App? Some people have some seriously crazy favorite coffee drinks. Cofffee Gopher IPhone App will help you keep track of them.


How does it help you order coffee drinks? Once you have the person's profile updated with their favorite concoction, then you can either read the ingredients to the Barista or you can select 'Voice Order' and have your iPhone tell the Barista.


Have fun...


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Irma wrote at 1:40 pm on 9th Aug, 13

What a lovely prceojt! It's so inspiring to see the world revert back to maybe not the fastest means of production, but one that truly embraces artisans and their craft (and yes, our uniqueness! :) Heading over to check out that prceojt!P.S. I adore that promo video - I wonder how people MAKE videos like that, to make them look so friggin adorable?! :)

Kartun wrote at 2:03 pm on 2nd Dec, 15

Are you relying on tffraic by foot only to your Coffee House, or is it a place where people actually say Let's go to XYZ Coffee House because .' And what is that because'?Forget being cheaper, people do not go to Coffee Houes because they are cheap, they go there for a reason. Are you the Coffee House that has free WiFi and lets aspiring authors and individuals drop in with their laptop PC's to nurse a cup for an hour or two whilst surfing the net? Are you known as the hang out' for great chocolate cakes, or do you not only provide free Wifi, but a cake of choice with any cup?What I am trying to get at is to look at why' would I visit. Let's take it from a personal viewpoint;If you had free wifi, let me nurse a cup for an hour, had the most chocolatey of cholate muffins and cookies, had lounging chairs or sofas I could relax, a plug in point for my laptop and I found you in Time Outs guide to the place for young earners to go and relax and do some work outside the house, then I would be doing there but are you?Next get some online advertising going in your area on the internet as the wifi coffee house (there's your selling point right there!), get these different factors advertised so people know you exist who might not be walking up your street.

Aysha wrote at 7:05 pm on 3rd Dec, 15

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