Product Details

Custom Military Hat

Price: $62.00

Shipping/Handling: $3.00 within US, $6.00 outside US

Our inventory of military hats are currently in boutiques. However, I can make a custom hat for you. Just place an order online, and send me an email with the flower and thread colors that you desire. Flowers come in turquoise, dark red, yellow, orange, light pink, hot pink or purple. I also need to know if you would like one large flower, or a cluster. Finally, let me know what color of hat and the size. Hats come in olive, navy, light blue, khaki or black

Thank you for your interest in our custom hats.  The actual hats are made in china, but the flowers are made in my home and added to the hats by hand.

Flowers are organza and taffeta with glass pearl beading.